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My notes from Michael Brunton-Spall's talk at Velocity Conf EU 2014:


* Talking about team ownership of code + runtime, creating lots of vertically-aligned slices

* Decouple features and allow independent evolution of products

* Operations need to embrace this way of working

* Theory of constraints (kind of)

** Is infrastructure your bottleneck?

** Make it simpler to create new apps

* Metrics, monitoring, graphing etc should be provided as services that are easily plugged into by applications

* For most people, you're not special (ie Facebook) and rarely need custom stuff

* Build tools to allow self-service

* Create a culture of 'you built it, you operate it'

** If you're exposed to pain as a developer, you'll avoid it in the future

* Need great diagnosis tools

** Dapper (Spanner was mentioned in the talk, but he meant Dapper!) by Google

** Zipkin by Twitter

* Health checks

** Deep versus shallow

** You need both, but be conscious of which one you're using

* Develop a maturity model for handing over to an SRE-like team

** Must have less than N faults per M weeks

** If it fails that, then hand back to dev team?

* Study history

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Taken on November 18, 2014