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a public service announcement

Can you read that? If not, it says "You know what? I STILL hate writing statements of purpose. A LOT. For reals, yo. (I wish I had some new shoes.)"


I do, on all counts. Though the shoes thing is a reference to my last foray into purpose statement writing.


Anyway, I am applying to get into this... program. I would tell you more about it, but I am superstitious or weird or stupid enough to think that talking about it will put a hex on the whole damn thing, especially since it is a highly competitive program and the website basically says "We never let anyone in, but we like to take applications so we can laugh at people. Are you still reading this? You're kidding. Okay, well, apply if you want to, but don't say we didn't warn you."


I'm going to take my chances.


If I do get in, I will be moving to a different part of the country come June and never having free time for the next three years. That ought to be fun.


First things first, though. I have to write an insanely brilliant 1,000-word essay about why I am insanely brilliant.


I'll spill more details later when I'm not paranoid that doing so will ruin things. In the meantime, wish me luck.


Also, I guess this isn't really related, but I'm sorry for being generally un-commenty lately. I'll get better about it in a week or so, when I'm not so damned crazy.

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Taken on December 27, 2007