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With the sun shining and wind on my face...

Sometimes I wish I had it this easy


I've also been tagged by my friend dehzinha. I'm a virgin to this...so I'll do my best ;)


1. I have a twin sister. Obviously we are fraternal twins....believe it or not, some people actually ask if we're identical. True story. Her name is Amanda.

2. I'm 6'6" and have been this tall since I was probably 15.

3. I love hip-hop music. It's really hard to explain why I enjoy it so much. I've always liked hip-hop...I think my first cassette (yes, cassette) was the Quad City DJs. I don't remember what the popular song was they had....I could Google it in 2 seconds but am BUSY DOING THIS RIGHT NOW. But ya, I listen to a ton of it. And contrary to popular belief, not all rap is about mistreating women and drugs. There are plenty of great artists out there that rarely talk about this things. They talk about regular, everyday stuff like any other artist/band, regardless of genre. But that's enough about that.

4. I want more than I need.

5. I will be at the top someday. I don't know what the top is right now, but I will be there.

6. I'm really not much of a family person. Some people can't stand to be far from their family...I on the other hand, not so much. I can't wait for the day that I graduate and can get the hell away from everyone. Shoot me. I love my parents and all, but honestly I have my own life to live. I have a beautiful woman by my side that I am going to spend my life with, and that's pretty much that.

7. About that. I love Shelley more than anything. I can't wait until we are both 60 and can have some time to spend together. Our lives are so busy trying to prepare for the rest of our lives that we don't get good time to spend together. Sure we may spend a few hours at night together, but I'm talking about good time. Like weeks together, to build our relationship and just enjoy each other. I'm seriously the luckiest guy in the world.

8. Australia. This is another place I will be. Maybe I'll be at the top, in Australia? Who knows. Either way, I'm going. Another someday. Good'aye mate!

9. Shelley and I are going to buy the lake house if we can manage it. We spend so much time there and it means so much to us. Her grandma owns it now, and it's rumored that she's trying to sell it but is waiting until the economy/house market improves. So if we can get some of our student loans paid before that day comes, we just might do it.

10. I loooooooove ice cream. Love it

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Taken on March 6, 2010