(Re)searching Swastik Towers and Neighborhood change to larger apartments; The inside

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    This image depicts the inside of Swastic Towers, specifically on the 5th floor. The outside of Swastik towers is spotless, with vibrant plants and trash free lawns. But the inside of the building was another story-the 5th floor was dingy, and dusty. The potted plants which were so well maintained outside were dead here, obviously put up by the hotel but never maintaine. There was a soft glow from the day, but it did nothing more then reflect the shadows of dirt and dust. The fact that the inside of the buildings were not as well maintained as the outside was shocking for me. It is clear that the outside of the building is so well maintained to keep up a certain appearance to the outside world, though it isn't clear if it's the brothers who own the apartments who appreciate this, or the people who live there and want to be viewed as something more.

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