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A Dog And His Bone BOYZ Lap-Dogs My Boyz dusty running DUSTY Jake contemplates life..... Dad and boyz Ready to GO! We're still Running, Karen Along the Rail Bed Hello! Harley Dog I call him POODLE_HEAD Puppy Noses I don't wanna go to bed yet, Ma!! Good Boyz Dusty Sweet Boy Dusty

My darling Gordon Setter kidz! AKA Hell on Wheels
RaggedEdge Real Mark V
"Jake" , born Feb, 1, 2003
and his brother -
RaggedEdge Raisin Wrecks
"Dusty" , born August 24, 2003
and now our dear 4 year old Lucy - Goosy, adopted Jan. 13, 2007!

come visit us at Dogster, too!!
and our parents:
Raggededge Gordon Setters

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drl. says:

hey, i can comment on sets now.

100? never enough...
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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Jakes_World says:

ha! That is pretty cool!!! Yippee and thanks for the first comment :)

(PS, you JUST told me I had too MANY dog pics!! make up your mind already)
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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n_whiting says:

What GORGEOUS gordons!
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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cosmicmonkey33 says:

Gordons are great! Just adopted our third rescue yesterday....pics loaded of Brody the speed machine...thanks for your comment, the lighting was very soft focus making the color appear different than the true black and tan they are.
Posted 113 months ago. ( permalink )

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