Enjoy Capitalism

I just printed a hundred of these together with a friend. We are going to sell them to people enjoying capitalism and market economy. If you want one for yourself, go to www.9volt.dk/

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  • thekth 7y

    blackb, your commie rants are funny. Keep going please.
  • pululante 7y

    Hi, great idea. I've used your photo in a blog posting. Thanks for sharing.
  • Kelton 7y

    blackb10c... are you 16?... I had your opinions when I was that age.
    Since then, I realized that all of the most tragic, widespread, and torturous circumstances came at the hands of government controls and manipulations.
    Life has flaws.... but government/socialistic systems only add to the problems.
    If you don't like the way capitalists behave.... remember that they are human... now, do you really want to give these same "bad guys" the power of government?????!!!!! hmmmm, great logic.
  • Kelly 6y

    bfsinnerpunk, that's why in order to change things there needs to be a change in the people, in society.
  • Kelton 6y

    Easier said than done. Even if we could agree on how, exactly, we'd like people to be changed... we don't have the technology to change people!
    Instead, we need to accept that people are flawed and have a system that accounts for those flaws. Giving government lots of power... and remember, governments are nothing more than people... is a very bad idea.
    I understand the wishful thinking, though. Gee, if only government would do this.. or do that... or restrain itself on this, but use force on that.
    Nope... it never works.
    Having a powerful government is like giving the keys of power to the most despicable capitalist you can imagine!..or worse.
  • Kelly 6y

    I agree with you, we can't just change people. I'm saying it has to come naturally from an awakening of the lower class, an uprising and realization that there are far too many people being exploited and that it doesn't have to be like this.

    I'm not saying "Hey, let's give over all the power to Socialists". I'm just saying that people need to wake up, and therefore through revolution a new government can come to be for the people and by the people, because this one surely isn't working.
  • Kelton 6y

    Although I can dream up a better society, there has never been a freer, more comfortable world full of great fun stuff ... ever! Capitalism has produced just about every single inch of what we tend to love and treasure.. to include basic freedom (without economic freedom, you've got nothing).
    I wish people would act more responsibly and thoughtfully, but not so sure anyone can make that happen. In fact, we'd probably see more polite behavior if we *removed* a number of our socialistic supports.
  • Kelly 6y

    bfs, all I can say to that is to copy what blackbl0c said:

    "Yeah, why don't you try selling them in Nike/Adidas etc sweatshops? Or maybe to starving Africans? Or anyone else suffering and dying because of capitalism and greed? Of course, you won't sell any, because they don't find being exploited and robbed very enjoyable. But you just keep pretending they don't exist, keep pretending that capitalism brings prosperity. Well, maybe it has to you, but to the vast majority, the starving Africans, the wage slaves, the working class and the millions who've been killed in wars started by Western capitalist imperialist aggression, Capitalism has brought only suffering, death and starvation..and maybe a nice pair of trainers. Which would cost much more than the pathetic amount the wage slave who made them was paid. So fuck capitalism"
  • Henrique Pinto 6y

    Capitalism we talk is all about freedom, nothing else. It's about voluntary trade, and if the it's voluntary, there's nothing one can say against it because both parties of the trade agree it's better for themselves that the trade is made. When we talk about capitalism we are talking about that. Not the funny thing the marxism lovers call it.

    Take the so-called liberals in the US. They've nothing to do with the classical ones. So like the socialists there took the term liberal for themselves in a wrongly way to describe what they fight for (against the individual beings) the people who support pacific freedom hijacked the term capitalism from the marxist as a provocative way to say that they fight for (freedom) that's just the opposite what the socialists fight for.

    And no, we need no government. We need only peaceful people in the world.
  • josep 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Against Rights, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • artbookwoman 6y

    to blackbl0c
    you are so sad - like it or not capitalism is responsible for all the unbelievable advantages in this world, oppressed people have access to pull themselves out of their misery because of capitalism that produces jobs, we choose to be who we are and it sounds like you choose to be angry - good luck with that. people are either producers or looters, period.
  • aaron_language 6y

    Like the shot. A piece of culture! Waiting for those days to come again! Thanks for putting the photo up with the CC license, enabling us to use it. We have used this photo for our topic of the week and are emailing now to say thanks. Yes, that was a number of months ago that we put it up. You can see the photo at www.aaronlanguage.com/weekly_English_topic/116_march_8_20.... Your name is under the photo, which links to our credits page at aaronlanguage.com/credits.html. Your name there links to your profile here at Flickr.
  • Conrad Linde 5y

  • MarceloDZ 4y

    Hi! Love the t-shirt and I want to print some here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    How did you do it???
  • Sara Ashley 4y

    Capitalism is good and pure, blackb10c...You can keep that Communistic propaganda stuff to yourself, you commy pig...
  • -fCh- 4y

  • RewHon1 4y

    Capitalism is not good. I once thought it was too. Innovation, self-reliance, discipline, work ethic - all great attributes but they do not belong to Capitalism, they belong to human beings. We can have so much more if we work together. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward and Zeitgeist: Addendum will help open your eyes to the truth. Watch them on youtube. They are long but very much worth your time. Listen to Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco.
  • zbychowiec 4y

    we want real capitalism, not light version!
  • zvstra3 3y

    Capitalism is a monster. It is a Frankenstein.Capitalism is destroying the global ecosysteem. Men are now merely part of the machines they work. Workshops become factories. Workers are organized like soldiers/Zombie. They are slaves, both to their masters and their machines. Capitalism is a murderous conspiracy that cannibalizes workers and gets rid of unwanted people. Instead of goods and serving the needs of all citizens, capitalism produces exclusively for profit.………http://szrzlj3.blogspot.nl/2012/05/true-communism-has-never-existed.html
  • zvstra3 3y

    Capitalism is destroying the planet. The capitalist logic of growth dictates that capitalism must consume and expand or die. For this reason “green capitalism” is a myth. ......... The primary difficulty facing us today is that most working class people have swallowed capitalist interpretations of reality. Through this process of deliberate gullibility and the loss of ability to think for themselves, most workers' mind have been destroyed--and the worst effect is that they don't know their minds have been destroyed and continue to assume that they're rational, intelligent and capable. So we now see mental imbeciles assuming they know what reality is and can formulate coherent discussions of profound questions and make intelligent decisions.This general state of presumptuous ignorance on the part of most people is ubiquitous within the worlds of television, literature, motion pictures, "news" programs, and communication in general. With their minds decimated by capitalism, no wonder workers have fallen for capitalist lies and reality distortions for decades.Capitalism destroys by cutting off concepts, capabilities, and values that do not conduce to its own advantage. Many humans have been subjected to the mind-devastation capitalism causes since as early as the sixteenth century. Because of this baleful influence on their minds, they delusively believe capitalism is the only viable economic system possible.Their ignorance is leading to world devastation. Behind capitalist mind-destroyers stand Wall Street, the Federal Reserve System, the cabal-controlled federal and state governments, the military and police and university lap-dog professors.
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Taken on December 23, 2004
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