Water Clouds 2

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    Another shot from yesterday at the Lake. Lake Michigan.

    1. paule42000 104 months ago | reply

      WOW! Great photo

    2. Runaway Wind 104 months ago | reply

      The lake was so choppy yesterday. I didn't get out of the car to shoot it, though. Wasn't up this early, either. (Not-going-on-vacation doldrums had me sleeping in!!)

    3. jakedavidrohde 104 months ago | reply

      Yeah, it was gorgeous that morning. It only lasted about 25 minutes though, and then the sun broke through and was too bright. Sitting behind these darker clouds though i could get some pretty good exposure... Probably a good thing though, otherwise i might have sat there all day, and missed work completely

      I hear you on the "Not-going-on-vacation doldrums" i cant wait for mid this month, when my sister is getting married in Kansas City, MO. It gives me a couple days off... i cant wait.

    4. swister_p 103 months ago | reply

      Great photo! One of my faves!!

      Score 10/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    5. ozio-bao 103 months ago | reply

      wonderful sky and sea
      wonderful lights

      Score 9/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    6. NicoArango 103 months ago | reply

      great colors.
      Wondefull picture

      Score 9/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    7. vauka 103 months ago | reply

      Great composition and lighting. And little detail the bird. Fav to me.
      Score 10/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    8. Rich (Sparky_R) 103 months ago | reply

      Score 8/10 (from the Score Me! group)
      Excellent composition, color and clarity. Well done.

    9. Hannes R 103 months ago | reply

      A Big FaveA Big Fave
      You are invited to add this image to www.flickr.com/groups/bigfave
      (Please be sure to read the main page before requesting membership)

    10. estebanutz 103 months ago | reply

      I really like how the lake was that morning! I really like that dark color in it. I think I find the bird on the right a bit distracting, like it wasn't suppose to be there...
      Score 7/10 (from the Score


    11. MacSmiley 103 months ago | reply

      Great contrasts of light and shadow in this image! Beautiful.

      I saw this in A Big FaveA Big Fave

    12. Tall Bob 103 months ago | reply

      Love it!

      I saw this in A Big FaveA Big Fave

    13. s_perse 102 months ago | reply

      Hi Jake,

      Your photos are amzing. What kind of lens did you use. I wish this sight gave the specs - i.e. shutter speed, WB, etc.

      Sue perse

    14. jakedavidrohde 102 months ago | reply

      This site does give EXIF data on photos uploaded with EXIF, however sometimes after processing a photo I forget to save it out with the EXIF and save for the web instead. Check out some other photos and in the lower right there will be additional information, sometimes there will be an option to choose more info, and that will bring up the EXIF for the photo, which will have Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, the whole nine yards. If you check out my first Pier photo, it has the EXIF data... www.flickr.com/photos/jake_rohde/283006637/in/set-7215759...

      As far as the lens, I use my Canon 17-40mm f/4L Lens a lot (The one I used for this photo), and I also have a 70-200mm f/4L and a 50mm f/1.8. I don’t know much about the Nikon Lenses, but no doubt there are good ones out there, I just can't give you any advice on that subject...

    15. KorayGokhan  100 months ago | reply

      What a perfect shoot.
      Congrast. i love it.
      Colurs, shapness, waves, clouds are so good :)

    16. candelighted 99 months ago | reply

      wow..this is stunning!

    17. Nolon 95 months ago | reply

      A great capture. Wonderful image.

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