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Are You ready?

Welcome to Rosewood Hills....


Come join us In Rosewood Hills , This infamous town was known for the "Rosewood Asylum".

The Asylum built in 1863 which stayed open upto the late 1960s has a long history,

Throughout its past many tragedies occurred and could possibly explain the hauntings here

From the painful screams of the mentally insane to the cries of sufforing, every room inside the building is said to be haunted..

The Asylum itself has been linked to the Paynesworth Family for decades, with many members either getting commited or working at the hospital

it has been said that members of the Paynesworth Family still roam the grounds believing they are alive ... maybe they are .. who knows.


Its rich past is also a torrid one even after the Asylum closed down, Many people have dissapeared here , died a tragic death or never were the same person ever again...

Visitors who have dared to enter the Asylum today consistently report strange sounds, sights and inexplicable events ..


Join us as you hunt for some of The Doctor's Personal effects and other items that were found during an attempt to renovate the building , The attempt of a renovation came to a stop when most of the planners lost their minds ...


All The Good Stuff:

ROSEWOOD HILLS Haunted Sim built by Lauren Bentham , Opened October 11th

The Asylum Gacha Available at Epiphany October 15, 10pm sl

The Asylum hunt At Rosewood Hills starting October 15th (no hr yet)

The Payneworth Family Hunt At Rosewood Hills Starting October 15th

A Theatre6 Performance At DRD North On October 31st at 5pm Slt

And a Wrap up Party with DJ Rage Sage at DRD North


If you dare to join us ,mark your dates, we cannot promise you will come out of this one with a clear mind...


FLickr group for Pictures taken at Rosewood Hills:



Stay tuned on this page, the Website or type !hunt in the drd group chat inworld



video created by Eowyn

music mixed up by Jaimy

Music used:

Nox arcana, Yair Albeg Wein & Or Kribos



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Uploaded on October 12, 2020