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Gracie's been tagged! | by Jagerbunny
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Gracie's been tagged!

Hmmm , let's see ...

1) Gracie was born on Valentine's Day!

2) She did not have a name when we got her, but her breeder had brought along an absolutely gorgeous blue girl named Gracie who had five newborn kittens with her. I was so taken by her beauty that I named my Gracie after her! Little did I know that 2 years from that time I would be taking "the original Gracie" into our household as well! Sometime this month we will be getting the beautiful Gracie Lou, AKA Miss Congeniality who is now retired after winning her Grand Premiership. What do I do with two blue somalis named Gracie? I can't wait to find out!

3)Gracie came from a wonderful lady who breeds the Rampageous line of somalis. She was diagnosed with a difficult form of cancer and needed to downsize her cattery, so we got Gracie and her daddy Blue under less than happy circumstances. I'm very happy to add that the cancer is in remission and things are looking ever so much better now!

4) Gracie is in love with my husband. I have to share!

5) Gracie will eat anything from potatoes to bananas. She's even been known to lick limes, when offered.

6) Her favorite color is pink ... because I said so!

7) Graciecakes came to us with a chronic upper respiratory infection and it has not left her in the 2 plus years we've had her. She's constantly on medication of some sort.

8) She needs her ears cleaned almost daily because of the infection, but she purrs and drools as I clean them, she doesn't mind at all.

9) She never has, and never will set one dainty paw outdoors!

10) Gracie loves everyone. She's never hissed or growled, she's a lover not a fighter!

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Taken on April 11, 2010