A Brand New Minneapolis
Thank you for checking out this new project of mine, A Brand New Minneapolis. This is the name of my tumblr and etsy shop (and inspired by a Hold Steady lyric), but the spirit of this project is more specific. Here’s a summary of what’s behind it: Minneapolis is always in the news for being “the most” of some category or another. Be it “most bike-friendly,” “most literate,” “gayest,” “smartest,” “healthiest,” you name it—-if it sounds good to the NPR set, you can bet that Minneapolis is atop or near the top of that list. I am convinced that Minneapolis is a great city for all of these reasons, but also so many more. The "more" reasons are why I am setting out to photograph 100 strangers I meet while walking through this city. I hope that finding people from all walks of life will help me define for myself what makes Minneapolis special.
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