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Meh, this photo isn't very good... I couldn't figure out a way to edit it the way I wanted. Oh well.


Like my new nail polish?! I ordered 3 colors from this new brand I'm trying out called China Glaze. I really love it so far!


Anyways, I'm sick right now...and it sucks because I NEVER get sick :( I think I got sick from some stranger either at Disneyland, or on the train I took back home. Boo! I sound like a smoker when I talk and I'm super congested. It sucks because the weather is absolutely beautiful right now and I can't really enjoy it when I'm sneezing all over the place. I hope I get better soon!


Also, a big THANK YOU to AMBER for writing me a testimonial! <3 We've just become penpals and it's super awesome :) Thanks so much, girl! :D

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Taken on March 8, 2011