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Soo...I took this photo in the backyard of the house I MIGHT be moving into! My parents aren't 100% sure yet, but we might be moving into a bigger house soon. I'm kind of excited! :)


Anyways, exciting news: I hit 10,000 views! Thank you so much! I don't know where I'd be without you guys and it really means a lot! :)


Also, I got a couple of new testimonials from some pretty awesome people: AISHIA, SOPHIE, JORDAN, WILLIAM, JULIA, and DEBORAH! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you so much for your kind words :) It means sooo much <3


So yeah. I think you should go take a look at their photostreams right now because they're the most awesome people ever! :)


I've also been working on writing testimonials for everyone who commented on my testimonial photo right now...so go check if I wrote you one! If I did, I sent you a message about it.

If I haven't written you one yet, BE PATIENT! I'm working on it so you'll get one within the next couple of days!


Hope you're all having a great holiday break so far!


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Taken on December 12, 2010