It Opened its Mouth and Screamed

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This house used to be surrounded by trees and weeds. The recently stripped all the land around it for some sort of construction. When I saw that it had been cleared I went to take pictures because I figued I'd finally bealbe to get a clear shot (I've been trying to photograph it for years to no avail). When I went around to the other side of the house I literally gasped when I saw the houses's skull staring at me.

Franklin, NC

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  1. sunshinedreem ages ago | reply

    Great photo, it really does look like a skull!

  2. sketchySteven ages ago | reply

    This is great, as is. Super shot! Great story, Jacob!

  3. cyclewidow ages ago | reply

    Rustic Rocks and so does this shot!!!!!!!

  4. EquineDays2Nights ages ago | reply

    You described it perfectly! Bravo!

  5. susan mc ages ago | reply

    It's a House-O-Lantern.

    Don't crop it.

  6. tray | of | ash [deleted] ages ago | reply

    I didn't mean to suggest cropping it and replacing it. I like the original. It just looks cool cropped as well.

  7. Jacob...K ages ago | reply

    Here's a shot of the crop...I like the sky in the original, but the cropped version has its own charm as well

    Skull House Closeup

  8. doofusdave ages ago | reply

    I just had to pop back in to say: LOL @ "House-o-Lantern" ! :-D

    PS - I like the original. I think the building next to the screaming house adds some character to the shot as well.

    This would make a great Halloween card to send to friends and family, if you do that sort of thing :-)

  9. gebodogs ages ago | reply

    I think I like the original best, and I LOVE the title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jacob...K ages ago | reply

    Thanks you!

    The first thing I thought when I saw the face was that the house was screaming in pain because they were ripping it up......

  11. Jacob...K ages ago | reply

    Hey!!! Today I drove by the house and it spoke to me....Check it out....

  12. Dania Hurley ages ago | reply

    This is spooky! Great title.

  13. Jacob...K ages ago | reply

    The house is dead

    A Moment of Silence For The House

  14. susan mc ages ago | reply

    I guess it had a good reason to scream. Poor house.

  15. Mr.Wonderful [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Great shot.

  16. borealnz ages ago | reply

    Fabulous title for a great photo!! Im glad you managed to capture it before it died!!

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    The World Through My Eyes

  17. Ran_ ages ago | reply

    Very cool shot !!

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    The World Through My Eyes

  18. ♥Twoponys ♥ ages ago | reply

    Perfect title!! Before I looked at it, I thought the house was screaming!!lol Neat pic!
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    The World Through My Eyes

  19. Ilcaripawi 81 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Once was home, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  20. Houses with Faces 65 months ago | reply

    Really loving this. It would be really great if you could join our flickr group

    We also have a website, facebook group and Twitter group @houseswithfaces we'd love to add it to!

    It would be a great one to post for Halloween

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