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A collection of Django-powered sites collected from the wiki and This mosaic has about 650 out of the list of over 800 collected from those sites.

Compare with a similar mosaic I made last year.

Also available: the super-high-quality original (PNG, 8000x6000, 38 MB).

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  1. Laura Brunow Miner 94 months ago | reply

    Where's Wilson's?!

  2. jacobian 94 months ago | reply

    Oh, it's in there... bonus points if you can find it :)

  3. RossPoulton [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

    Cool, I liked the last mosaic and I like this one even more. Only problem is that this one needs ahelluvalotta scrolling!!

    Looks like there are a fair few shopping/ecommerce sites there which I hadn't seen before. There are a few dupes there too but we'll let them slide just this once :)

  4. iapain 93 months ago | reply

    cool mosaic! I can see mine ;)

  5. chris.mcavoy 93 months ago | reply

    Very cool...

    I especially like the color-coordinated-ness of it. Django powered sites seem pretty black or white. Not a lot of in-between for background colors.

  6. mikearagua 93 months ago | reply

    introPLAY 12 from the bottom, 8 from the left. ;)

  7. denaffen 93 months ago | reply

    Looks like I'm just to the right of dead center. Cool to be included!

  8. georg.brandl 93 months ago | reply

    What are the Apache directory listings doing there? ;)
    But I won't complain, is there twice...

  9. Bert Heymans 93 months ago | reply

    This is great, congratulations!

  10. doctor health 87 months ago | reply

    great a photo.thax sharing

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