Yahoo sign

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    Heading down 6th street switching from 280 to 80 for the Bay Bridge.

    1. ehoyer 106 months ago | reply

      well done. i imagine it wasn't easy to get the exposure right on that thing.

    2. Jacob Davies 106 months ago | reply

      I wish I could say so, but all I did was point & shoot in S mode, ISO 200, with the shutter set as long as it would. Turned out ok!

      Dirty secret: I cropped the building it's on top of out of the shot, although I left in the lamppost. Oh, the guilt. Okay, not really. The building was boring - just orange-tinted concrete & some distracting reflections.

      I figure if you can crop a rectangular image however you want, there's no reason you can't crop one to a trapezoid frame. Right? Right? Hmm.

    3. Jacob Davies 106 months ago | reply

      Oh and it was meant to be square-on, but I was using the mini-tripod on top of my car, and it's kind of hard to see through the viewfinder when it's pointed straight up. I straightened it, but I didn't like it as much afterwards, not that it's the most exciting photo ever in the first place.

      I am a fan of the Yahoo sign though. The numerous GM ads for giant SUVs you also see off 80? Not so much. Although I find it amusing that they advertise some humungous SUV with the line "Looks even better in your driveway". Admittedly there are a lot of commuters there, but SF/Berkeley/Oakland is not exactly replete with enormous driveways, or indeed any driveways at all. "This truck is too big to park anywhere in San Francisco" would be a more accurate - though less compelling - tagline.

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