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Two Sides to Every Story - Twohundredsixteen

So I guess my message behind this was not pretend you know both sides of the story when you obviously don't. Idk just a lot of drama came up in my life,and between a mixture of things I feel that people generally need to take a step back and realize how little they actually know about most situations. I feel that it's wrong to judge people based on what they think,or what others have said about them. I feel like people don't understand what other people might have actually been through and decided to hide. Anyways,but my biggest point was to just explain that if you don't know something for certain then don't pretend you know everything. There's a lot of examples of this,but the biggest one to me would be how I don't trust a certain person who always talked/still talks behind my back. Yet their ignorant friend decided it was ok to randomly start an argument over how she's depicted me/all my friends to be. I don't mean to sound all catty right now,because I don't mean for this to be my real message. What I just wanted to say is that you really don't know the pain,and hurtful things that have happened to other people.

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Taken on December 23, 2011