1920's Keech "Banjulele" Banjolele Restoration
This Ex-Museum Banjulele or Banjo Ukelele had surely earned the work I did to it! Over the years the main body of the Banjolele had warped under the pressure of the strings. At some point the varnish had been removed which probably hasn't helped.

Instead of steaming the hoop to try and correct the hoops shape me and the owner decided the simply alter the angle in which the neck is held onto the body to save on a huge bill...

This simple geometry correction will reduce the height between the strings and the fingerboard making it loads easier to play.

Luckily all the tensioner hooks were intact and functioned perfectly. With the neck angle set I lowered the bridge and installed a fresh set of strings. Next job is tuning the tension of the vellum until it sounds best.

The Keech Banjuleles have a extra "tone ring" that allows you to alter the voicing and volume of the instrument too. It's great you can really get the instrument to match a loud singing level with the tone ring adjustment and the back resonator plate.

Amazing little instruments should be good for another 90 years!

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