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dice | by jack72237
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Dice and chance fascinate me. Not the gambling thing, as in betting on dice or such, but the effects of chance events on history. It's the "butterfly effect" phenomenon of chaos theory, of course.


I read the book "The Dice Man" a few years ago, and the business of making decisions on the basis of the roll of a dice appealed to me, as on some level much of what happens in our lives really is a result of chance anyway. We can make decisions based on the most sound logic and reasoning, yet our lives can turn out abysmally.


Yet we can live our lives spontaneously, making errors of judgement, and still find "luck" on our side. At the end of the day, I really feel that many of the decisions we make in life affect us in ways we can't possibly comprehend. The simple act of a chance meeting at one moment in time can alter our entire destiny - as, of course, can the lack of one.


I may be making a series of dice based decisions which I'll be putting on video. You'll be able to watch them right here.

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Taken on May 13, 2006