ugandan mother and child

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    I took this shot with my camera lens hanging out the open window of our mini bus as we where driving along
    I think I mastered the art of panning on the long journeys, as there is so much to photograph (I got lots of practice).

    1. VROG in Bristol 80 months ago | reply

      great framing
      great timing - eye contact from them both
      and a great sense of travel too
      "can't stop!"

    2. NaturalLight 76 months ago | reply

      Terrific portrait!

    3. 71 months ago | reply

      When I look at this photo, it makes me think of... happiness, optimism, and how friendly people can be to complete strangers

      I think this photo is about... how life really shouldn't be lived at Stupid Pace all the time - there's a lot of happiness lurking in taking it easy and not worrying too much

      Technically... I think this photo is a little bit disappointing - the greens and browns at the bottom of the image have lost some of their 'life', and the image is quite fuzzy for some reason - a good long lens at a higher shutter speed would have completely frozen the image, rendering it tack-sharp - I think that would have added a lot to the photo at this point

      What I like about this photo... is the joie de vivre it so excellently portrays, Both the mother and child have noticed you and are greeting. The composition is lovely - the slightly off-centre couple of people works really well, and it seems as if you've captured the exact right moment.

      If I were to improve or change anything, I would... go back in time and tried again - this photo is absolutely perfect in so many aspects, but it's being let down by technical quality which, it has to be said, only becomes visible when you look at the photo in full size - the fuzziness is not a problem at medium resolution, but I do find myself wishing the grass at the bottom of the image was a more natural shade of green. Have you tried this photograph in black and white?

      Overall... I love it. Truly, completely, and seriously - I think it stands as a great example that you've got the eye for a good photograph, and a sense of timing as well. You were unlucky with the technical aspects in this case, but as I keep telling people; you can learn the craft of photography - it's much more difficult (if not impossible) to teach the 'feel' of a good photo.

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