Mats Wilander at the Boise Racquet Club
WOW stands for Wilander on Wheels and its revolutionizing the tennis fantasy camp concept. All tennis fantasy camps are destination camps But Wilander comes to the people, playing on their home courts.

Over the weekend, Wilander gave Boise tennis players the chance of a lifetime, the opportunity to hit with a Hall of Famer and lean priceless matchplay tips from the master. It happened on Court 1 at the Boise Racquet and Swim Club.

Mats Wilander teamed with Cameron Lickle a Naval Academy graduate, ATP Futures player and inductee to the Naval Academy Sports Hall of Fame. The duo is travelling the country conducting tennis fantasy experiences. Sixteen lucky players got to step on the court with Wilander and Lickle and all got one- on- one face time with the Pros.

Think you can hang with a former number one tennis player? College of Idaho professor Chris Walser played college tennis at Emory University and is a solid 5.0 player he found out that Wilander still has game... he could get the serve back, he could hang in for a ball or two, but the legend can easily put the ball anywhere on the court with ease.

WOW offered the chance to club players to answer those inner questions for the cost of a new tennis racquet...How many times in your life can you hit with a Grand Slam winner? When was the last time a French Open winner evaluated your game and gave you things to work on?

WOW gave members on court coaching from both Mats and Cameron, members also had the chance to ask questions and learn tennis secrets that only the pros know.

"At first I was nervous, but Mats is so unassuming, it was like hitting with an old friend," said Walser.
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