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130/365 I Am Mismatched [Explored]

The title is what it is because I have a Canon 500D, yet my lens cap is a Nikon haha


so a lot of you know that i have lost my lens cap like 5 months ago, or more my BROTHER lost it haha. But anyways, I told my dad to finally get me a lens cap cause my camera felt naked, and he gets a NIKON one HAHA. So now my camera is mismatched :/ I find it kind of funny, but my mom was NOT amused haha!


i'm kinda in a slump today. School was alright, except for the fact that i'm failing physics ): I'm doing pretty well in all my other classes though, Without my Physics marks, I think my average is an 84, but with the physics......I think it's a 72-ish...I'm actually FAILING so badly. Anyways, that's just school. I had swim practice (the usual) and i just didn't feel like trying, my mind was just out of everything. My friend isn't talking to me cause apparently he's pissed at me for something i did, which i still don't know what that is cause he's not willing to talk to me. I don't like getting the silent treatment, if something is bugging you, just tell me. I'd rather you tell me what i'm doing wrong rather than just ignoring me and pretending like i don't exist. At first I just thought he was sick and just wanted his own space, but now the fact that he's not willing to acknowledge me in any way is just starting to make me angry. Ughh, to add it all up my theory and music history exams are coming soon and i forgot ALL the material ): If i fail those 2 exams, i'm gonna have to retake the courses again during the summer and i REALLY don't want to do that ): I guess i'm just having one of those "UGHHHHHHHHHHH" days.


wish you all the best tmr! and i'll check all your streams in my graphics class tmr! :D

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