Cloudy With A Chance 33|365

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    Sounds like I'll be getting my wisdom teeth pulled soon. Perfect...


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    1. come_wat_may 42 months ago | reply

      "If you have to do all four do it all at once." That's what I was told, or else you won't want to go back for the other two. In the end, it wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. The stories just hype up the trepidation. Now tonsil removal? THAT was my nemesis! lol!

      Awesome detail and cloud bokeh FTW!!!! Awesome!

    2. Evie Barker 42 months ago | reply

      I love the focus on this! :) :)

    3. Chris_A_G_1976 [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

      FANTASTIC colors and focus!!! I absolutely LOVE this shot!!!! I love the angle!

    4. Austin.Lee.Barron [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

      My sister just had hers out. I didn't think it was too bad when I had mine out, so hopefully it will go easily for you! Love this angle!

    5. berntalanca 42 months ago | reply

      amazing colors and focus!

    6. Thuyhn 42 months ago | reply

      Wonderful PoV. Great contrast and awesome colors. I still have all mine, but did not gain any wisdom from them.

    7. Anna Skahill 42 months ago | reply

      The focus is so sharp, and the blue sky is so deep! I love how simple this is :)

    8. Gaea P. 42 months ago | reply

      Wow, pretty clouds bokeh! :) Great colors, Jonathan!

    9. mikko j.h. [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

      i had all four removed plus an extra tooth that had apparently chipped, rotted out, and was rubbing up against a nerve in my jaw line. one night i had to resort to ocassionaly hitting my head against a wall to numb the pain.
      but it wasnt anywhere as bad as it was hyped up to be. there was no pain for me at all, and i slept for pretty much the whole entire day!

    10. Kate Kay 42 months ago | reply

      This is nice. Great focus-- the detail on the fence is so clear, very nice. Pretty sky too!

    11. BriannaJayde Photography 42 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot :) HFF!

      Ohhh, not fun. Shall I infuriate you with envy by informing you that I was conveniently born without wisdom teeth? :D

    12. nina's clicks 42 months ago | reply

      Great pov and beautiful textures

    13. thewanderkat [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

      this is really nice, well-lit and all. perfect.

    14. wangxu94 42 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot! I really like the texture of the wood and the DOF :)

    15. |TM Photography| 42 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot! Wow. I love the colors and the depth of field. I am getting mine pulled in january!

    16. Jonathan Sherman 42 months ago | reply

      Ya, I think I'm going to get them all at once. No tonsils, haha. Thank you.
      Thank you guys!

      Good to know. I've heard different stories when it comes to the pain, I'm sure I'll be fine. Thank you!
      Well lucky you :)
      Thanks! I think I'm actually going to get them out in January too because these next few months with be nearly impossible to take off because of work.

    17. Kelsey Lynch 42 months ago | reply

      ahhhh oh no :(
      Don't worry it's not too bad though!
      You get to eat tons and tons of ice cream and just relax for a while and watch movies :)
      Best wishes!

    18. MarisaAnn94 42 months ago | reply

      I love, love, love this!
      I have to get that done soon as well… :P But good luck!

    19. Al Lafolie 41 months ago | reply

      This looks just like a scenery shot of mountains! Awesome man (:

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