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puppy eyes to die for

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doggie at Katsura Garden, Japantown.
I totally forgot his/her name, it was something Japanese-y though.
it was so cute and friendly, I just loved the spots on the ears :)

olympus xa / fuji superia 400

  1. jennaaaye 82 months ago | reply


    after an ear rub.. :)

  2. sofia_a 82 months ago | reply

    nice bulldog!

  3. AlexRan 82 months ago | reply

    he's got food coma face in the 3rd one.

  4. chcharlie 82 months ago | reply

    i wanted to pet him, but i was like hmm, nahh, he might bite me. i think from now on, this is gonna be one of my favourite stores, the lady is so nice and the bonsais are cheap! :D

  5. jennaaaye 82 months ago | reply

    arthur: yeaa poor guy, he's probably lonely :( but at least the owner brought him into the store with her so he's not all alone at home. i wanted it take it home with me!

    sofia: it was! :)

    alex: hahaha i know that faceeeee. i think i had the same feeling you go with that pitbull -- wanted to steal it.

    charlie: why were you scared? it didn't even bark or anything!! bulldogs are so mellow.. i use to be scared of them but now i think they're just lazy dogs with a scary face hahah. next time go pet it :D and btw, i saw the ginkgo tree -- OMGGGGGG I WANTED IT but it was $40.. T__T

    doro: definitely!! i wanted to stay and play with it more but i had to go pay for my plant, lol.

  6. mariemariemarie 82 months ago | reply

    TOO CUTE!!! :) Waaaaaaaah. Where'd you get your plants, Jen? :)

  7. jennaaaye 82 months ago | reply

    marie: which one are you talking about? the vine in a snail shell one was from katsura garden in japantown, and the succulent mix pot was from trader joes :)

  8. mariemariemarie 82 months ago | reply

    Hehe I meant both plants! :) Those plants in Trader Joes are pretty. I've always wanted to buy one of their funky orchids, but I don't think they last too long.

    Oh! I've been wanting to make a terrarium and I'm still reading on how to make them. They're so cute!

  9. jolooow 82 months ago | reply

    what a lovely dog!

  10. jennaaaye 82 months ago | reply

    marie: i've seen those!! they're awesome. i faved this pic awhile ago -- makes me wanna steal lab equipment from chemistry class and make terrariums with 'em, hahaha. but yea the TJ's plants are definitely cool, price isn't that bad either. the one i got here was $8!

    jolo: it was it was! :) i wish it was mine.

  11. gretchen_ross 82 months ago | reply

    what a cutie!!
    i want this dog :P

  12. mariemariemarie 82 months ago | reply

    Oh yeah! I faved that, too, Jen! :) I was in Trader Joe's a while ago and I contemplated on buying that $8 plant, but didn't. Let me know if yours lasts! Hehehe.

  13. canto2007 [deleted] 82 months ago | reply

    hohoho...very funny~!

  14. helgabj 80 months ago | reply

    wooow so adorable

  15. blaw0324 76 months ago | reply

    i know this doggy! he's so cute, and i forgot his name too lol.

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