GLEE TOUR 2011_Philadelphia
Taken from Front Row, Seat 11

Please please PLEASE remember to credit me for the originals if you’re going to use them as a base for ANY type of graphic/wallpaper/fanart/etc and PLEASE do not claim these as you’re own! If enough people disrespect my kindness here, giving you 1578 (TOTAL, including the 975 photos in the D.C. Collection) 100% HQ Full Size NO WATERMARKS that’s taking up 4 gigs of Flickr’s space that I just spent $25 to get a Pro Account to have these up for you all…then I will delete the sets and replace with the watermark versions.

Since there's so many photos, I would prefer a linkback..just so people can find all of these and check them out themselves! Nothing on the graphics you make w/ them...just a credit for the base and link back to this page. :D!

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