The Blue Flame of Sunset

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    so it snowed a few days ago, and i have been expecting more clouds to form due to evaporation of the melting snow.. from my observation, more clouds means beautiful orange-ish sunsets, and so i was waiting for that yesterday evening...

    when it was orange-ish, there weren't that many clouds, so i waited some more and it slowly turned blue and then this giant cloud formed out of nowhere and it gave this nice reflection of the setting sun...

    the moon showed up and the communication towers' lights lit up... when it looked like the perfect moment, i took this shot...

    p/s: i think the best thing is that the mountain lions didn't see me (i was by myself) last night because the police here recently told us there's been sightings of mountain lions around... and believe me, yesterday i also saw big cat-like footprints on the snow... i kid you not, it was pretty scary..... i could've died yesterday but i thank God i'm still alive today...

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    1. Debbie From GA 74 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot. Amazing color

    2. old tea [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      Amazing work!!!

    3. izzatnizam 74 months ago | reply

      thank you bgclicker, old tea, and natsncats!!... glad you like the photo... and i really appreciate your comments... :)

    4. a k i r a 74 months ago | reply

      mountain lions? dangerous. The picture is breathtaking btw. But maybe I am biased since I have a high affinity to blue colored pictures. But still, biased or not, nice capture! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    5. khosey1 74 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot; I love the light and color. Well done!

    6. AC Circuit 74 months ago | reply

      never see such an intense blue in the sky. it is very beautiful. P.S. You are still in the mountain where mountain lions were spotted? O_O Very scary. Good that you didn't meet one. :)

    7. izzatnizam 74 months ago | reply

      yea i'm not sure if i'll do it again next time... it is definitely not advised to do such a thing, but you know, people have done crazier things than that just to get a good shot... :)

      thanks khosey1... i love this one, too... :)

      lol, yea i guess i was lucky not to meet one.. anyway, it really was blue, and because the shutter speed was kinda slow the photo turned out "bluer" than i expected too.. and i added a little bit of vibrance to it during post processing just to make it look better... oh, and thanks for the comment!.. :)

    8. Josep Cequiel [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      Nice shot

    9. RedHatGal: Barbara Butler/FireCreek Photography 74 months ago | reply

      Beautiful low light capture. Love all the shades of blue.
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    10. TaQi cronoz 74 months ago | reply

      nice night sky

    11. bumblebeezack 74 months ago | reply

      Great capture! Photo looks really surreal!

    12. Heidi's_PaSSioNs ღ 74 months ago | reply

      Very Impressive !!! Great colour!

    13. lilblueyez1971 74 months ago | reply

      Seen in GOLD STAR AWARD
      You get another gold star

    14. SuzailanJai 74 months ago | reply

      cantik ni bro....x leh daoat shoot ni kat malaysia...marvelous

    15. Terrell Solana 74 months ago | reply

      elegant image, well seen and well presented

    16. calamityjan2008 74 months ago | reply

      Lovely....what incredible blues!
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    17. ♥ Nadia ♥ 74 months ago | reply

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    18. izzatnizam 73 months ago | reply

      thank you very much for all of your comments guys... i really do appreciate all of them :)

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