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Now, there seems like a big typhoon coming here every week end and actually hits the Philippines and then to here Japan.


It is really scary and getting worse every year.


I really hate rain storm and thunder lighting, with terrible roaring sounds. It really scares me, I always become really worthlessly weak when I see the lightening outside of my window.


So when typhoon comes I just close all shutters of my room, try not to see out of my room......


Now, it looks like it is coming back again....scary.


And, it looks like the summer is getting hotter and more humid every year, and it really scares me.


It is really hot in the summer here now, it sometimes actually gets 36 C. Ten years a go we never had days actually exceeding 33 C here in Fukuoka. Now almost every day in August and maybe many days in July, too, get hotter than 35 C.


We used to have 4 seasons here but now we may have just 3 seasons, Summer, Autumn and Winter.......


This specific image was made with the D7000


In retrospect,I think the Sony A900 was the only one digital camera that I actually missed after selling it, I still like it a lot now, I love the triangle shaped head of it, and the tough great feel of the metal body of it..


The worst camera or least favorite camera of mine , on the other hand, was either the Canon 5DMK2 or Pentax K5.


The K5 was just too unreliable and mechanically poorly built, it had severe mirror related issues that really made me hate the mirrorbox, and I sold it just after 3 months of light use.


the 5DMK2 had the worst sensor in modern digital camera history, it was really bad even worse than any 16mp mFT sensor in terms of DR, read noise at base ISO.


The 5DMK2 sensor had one of the worst read noise and shadow banding pattern noise in both horizontal and vertical directions so that it always produced terrible checked pattern noise in the lifted deep shadow..


It was really a banding machine. Now 8 years after that nothing has changed in Canon side of the world in terms of sensor design and tech, especially DR and color depth.


Canon sensor really sucks, bad color separation, bad color depth, and of course the infamous DR issue.


Canon really sucks, never trying to improve the 9 year old terribly old primitive sensor fab that Canon inherited from Panasonic in 2003.


Nikon really sucks wasting all its R and D money into developing extremely identical boring DSLR updates just to re-set once lost value of their already existing cameras at the big cost of accumulated numbers of unmoved inventories..

They are losing a lot of money not understanding how long they should wait to replace their high end FX cameras, stupid.

They are just replacing all DSLRS too quick to just depreciate their own high end cameras such as D800E or D4 ,etc and some Nikon high end FX users get upset about it.


I think as the market is becoming smaller (already saturated with too many unmoving inventories), they should wait a bit longer to replace their existing cameras ,especially high end FX models.

Why do they replace cameras like D4 , D800E without any meaningful tech breakthrough? The D810 should have been a pro mirrorless FX camera with the same F mount.


They should wait replacing cameras like the D800E /D4 until they develop some really disruptive technology such as true pro level OSPDAF or modular camera system that Red has been doing for years..


Personally, I would really love to see an EVF version of D810, the current D810 and the D750 are extremely boring, reliable , though.


I really cannot understand why the current Nikon management team is so stupid , almost retarded, to be honest ,and keep lowering their company value/reputation themselves.....looking at the current share price of Nikon , I am not sure if Nikon will be around in 5 years...... .


Anyway, now I think I must be honest with my own feeling, I do not want to carry my D810 or similar any more and just leaving it at my studio room most of times, so there is no point actually owning it.


I think for now it is easy there is only one camera that does most of what I want my camera to do for me and it is the A7R.


There is no that amazing combo of the stunning 36mp FF sensor and the amazingly portable body any where else, and while the EM1 , GH4 , NX1 ,etc may be more advanced in terms of sheer photographic functionality and body quality, they do not have at least acceptable quality sensor for me or for anyone coming from the 36mp FF sensor in the Nikon D800Eor anything similar.


So at the end of the day, I think I do choose my A7R and A7s combo over anything else out there( at least for now).


That said, there are still three last bastions left for DSLRs:


1 really much better Continuous AF

2 much better longer batter life

3 much better heat dissipation system


But these are compelling enough reasons for many once left big DSLR land kind of guys to go back to Nikon or Canon land?


Now, it's been a almost year since I sold my last D-SLR, and I do not admit it but I am kinda missing the DSLRs.


But do I really need to buy them back?


Maybe not, but for certain kind of works they still be the better tools and as you can see this in DPR kinda fora many many die-hard mirrorless fanboys never accept this fact, they just trash DSLRs just because they are DSLRs or Nikon or Canon.


That's childish, do we still have to beat a dead horse?


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Taken on July 21, 2012