Nuclear Radiation - Triangle Chart

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    View it large with more info about it, on my blog.
    Designed by me in collaboration with Fabian Fucci.

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    1. Drift Words 70 months ago | reply

      Not sure's it's much clearer compared to a table of equivalent data or a nomogram. Does the area of the enclosed triangles have any meaning? Or the shape?

      Interesting, though. Do keep going with the concept.

    2. ixycreativity 70 months ago | reply

      Matt it is a sort of table of equivalent data.

      For example, take the highlighted orange triangle: 1,752,000 times the normal radiation(R) within 1 hour means 400mSv of radiation received, or, in terms said by the media: 400mSv per hour recorded at Fukushima, mean a radiation 1,752,000 times bigger than the normal radiation, and so on.

      The big yellow triangle, of RADIATION RATE, EXPOSURE TIME, RADIATION RECEIVED, resembles the nuclear radiation sign.

      However, those colored triangles don't mean more than just connecting the numbers on each side. It's not the size of the triangles that matter, they just help you read.

      I know it would have been better if the triangles themselves would have a meaning, I switched the axes and their directions in all the ways, but each layout try had it's disadvantages, and even when the length of the lines meant something, the area was irrelevant. So I settled at timeline down from left to right, as it is common like that.
      Perhaps other issue with other data will lead to other graphical explanation that will have it's solution contained in the area of the shapes...

      I hope I made things more clear.

    3. Drift Words 70 months ago | reply

      With a bit of work, I think you could make it clearer (e.g. use a side-by-side nomogram of the traditional sort) and also able to perform a basic computation/comparison. So if you put time as an axis orthogonal to dose/rate/etc (and please use the actual radiation physics terms), you could show the comparative effect (as rectangles) of an hour in Fukushima vs a year's flights vs a Lifetime in Cornwall. Probably best to ditch the triangle.

    4. ixycreativity 70 months ago | reply

      Matt triangle does fit well in this situation as it is the nuclear radiation sign.

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