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Space Dementia

Have you ever wondered why don't we see the stars and the moon at day? And weather they disappear , then reappear again at night? Why is the sky so blue?


The real thing is that stars are there in the sky, in the same place we always leave them at night, but we can't see them due to the glare of sunlight. The blue color in the sunlight scatters all over the atmosphere causing the familiar blue sky we everyday to be blue! Thus, this blue layer prevents us from viewing the glowing stars of the day, and ending up only seeing them at night, when the sun is bathing the other side of the world with its warm rays.


If we were on the surface of the moon, where no atmosphere exists we will be able to watch the stars every single minute of the day, weather day or night. So if we ever ended up on the moon, one can enjoy the stars all the time, but will very much miss the blue sky!


That is it for today people, peace and stay safe ^__^

Have a wonderful day...


Oh and one more thing, today is Flickr's 4th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLICKR! <3 we all love you!

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Taken on December 4, 2007