8 house - 8 tallet by Bjarne Ingels
1 of a series of pictures taken of the famous 8 house or 8 or 8 tallet. A building designed and invented by Bjarne Ingels, a Danish architect. The purpose of the kind of odd looking building is to give most sun to those who need it, make people be able to ride their bike all the way up to their apartment, and make companies stay low and north east, so the don't get bothered by the sun while working.
The building has won several awards, including a testemonial as being on of the 10 most significant buildings of this century, and being awarded "The best place in the world to live" .. Ingels is right now building a somewhat similar building in New York/USA, only that one is approx. 500 feet high and a big landmark.

See more about the 8house - here:http://www.big.dk/projects/8/

see more about West 57th, New York here: www.big.dk/projects/w57/
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