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Once upon a time, in the land of light and magic (A christmas fairytale) - EXPLORE dec. 25, 2012 | by Ivan Naurholm. thanks, for more than 500.000 views
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Once upon a time, in the land of light and magic (A christmas fairytale) - EXPLORE dec. 25, 2012

EXPLORE ON dec. 25, 2012


Editorial Pick by U.S. Yahoo on dec 26. 2012.


ONCE UPON A TIME, a young girl was confused about the meaning of christmas and all the commotion of the season.


She had looked here and there, searched books, Internet, everywhere, but no matter how much she read and where she searched, there was no clear answer to where she could find the true spirit of christmas, for it was her only wish, that she could help spreading the message of christmas, love and friendship all over the world.


So the little girl went of on a trip to see, if she could find the christmas spirit, she searched here and there, I think she searched almost everywhere, but no matter who she asked or where she looked, it just wasn't right, there was something missing, something, but what?.


After travelling for a long time, searching up and down and all around, she almost lost her spirit and were about to give up the search, when she heard a family talking about the real christmas of the town she was in, a land in the land, a garden with light, magic and warm love al through.


So the girl went to this garden, and she wandered of into the land of light and mystery searching for the true spirit of christmas.

Oh what a beauty, she became all soft in the knees, and teared up the eyes, for now the little girl was sure, that she had seen the craddle of christmas, the magic land where christmas spirit rules.


lured by the shimmering lights promise of love and kindness amongst people everywhere the little girl went into the christmas decorated garden, she stopped and sighed, this was probably the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, so peaceful and calm, and beautiful, she could almost feel the love.


But then the little girl got confused, in the beginning, there was nothing but shops, small stands with roasted almonds and all sorts of christmas decorations, but what did that have to do with christmas and the true christmas spirit?


Well the girl thought, perhaps I have to go a little further inside the christmas land - an so she did, and all of a sudden, right in front of her, she found lights that where even prettier and softer, and she became all warm around her heart and thought, wow, here is the true spirit of christmas, of that I'm sure.


The little girl hurried around the little lake in front of here, running towards the soft lights on the other side of the lake, for there, right there on the other side, the girl was convinced that was where the true christmas spirit was.


At last, finally the girl was there. Finally she had reached the destination she had searched for, for so long, finally she should feel all the love and kindness that she had associated with christmas, finally the little girl could be part of something bigger, be part of all the love of the true christmas spirit.


And then, when she came around the corner, there was no Santa clause, no elves, no reindeer, all she found was the carousel of eternal shopping and commercial abuse of the name of christmas, shining even softer and warmer here, but all for the sake of the individuals own gain, there were no true christmas spirit here, even in these beautiful lights, no christmas spirit, only shopping and spending money.


And now, I would love to give this little fairytale a happy ending, but I keep asking myself, is there a non commercial christmas out there - somewhere - anywhere ... ??


Okay, It's not all that bad ... the little girl gave up her search for the christmas spirit and went home again.

When she arived home, her neighbor was there and asked her, why she looked so sad, and the girl told her about the search, the trip and the garden of light and magic.


The little girls neighbour listened patiently to the little girls story, and as the girl talked, the neighbor invited her in, gave her hot chocolate with marsh mellows, cookies and candy, and they ended up sitting and talking all night.

Eventually, when the girl had finished her story, the neighbor, a nice old women gave the girl a hug and said, well, you may have searched here and there, in your quest for the perfect christmas, but you see my young friend, sometimes you do not have to search that far away.


Try to look closer at first. You see, even though you don't think you found the true spirit of christmas - you did, you did indeed find the true spirit of christmas, by comming here, spending time with an old lonely women, sharing your concerns and dreams, you have more than found the true spirit of christmas, you have even acted upon it and saved the christmas for another person, simply by being you and sharing what's in you heart.


And so, like the little girl, if you want to find the true christmas spirit, don't try to buy it, start by looking inside yourself, share the love and kindness you find inside yourself, and you will also have found the true spirit of christmas.


Merry Christmas everyone and everybody.


Story written and told by: me - Ivan ...

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