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AgfaPhoto Vista+ 200 + Digibase Minikit

Camera: Mamiya 135EF pocket camera


Back in the game!

Last time I tried to develop color film myself, it was a disappointment. As that was only my second try at it, I was a bit careless and the developer's temperature was 41 degrees Celsius, while it should have been 37.8 degrees. So the result was really bad colors that couldn't be saved in Lightroom. In the end, I batch converted the files to b&w...

So this time around, I was really strict about the temperatures of all the chemicals, keeping them around 37.8 all the time, and washing in between. I must say that I'm satisfied with the result.

The film I used was Agfa Photo Vista Plus 200.

The conditions were quite challenging: full sun, mid afternoon at the playground. For reference,I included one picture taken indoors, under bulb light.


The camera I used is a Mamiya EF135 pocket camera. This is actually my first camera ever. I got it when I was 12 years old - I'm now 47. It has a light meter, but focus is manual with a zone system. The camera is still functioning, except for the flash (when activated, it drains the batteries instantly). It had been lying untouched in my parents' home for 30 years, I guess, so I thought it was time to bring it back to life!

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Uploaded on July 9, 2016