and yes I said yes

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    ...his heart was going like mad...

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    1. meeralee 83 months ago | reply

      Greg, it's a little late but it isn't a single "yes" short: you're on the Front Page of Utata today, along with some words from this weird dude who wrote books or something.

      I love this.

    2. It'sGreg 83 months ago | reply

      Meera, how sweet of you. Thanks so much. This was such a surprise. And don't you love the way reading James Joyce makes you feel a wee bit intoxicated?

    3. jody9 83 months ago | reply

      Not really intoxicated. Just flustered and a wee bit dizzy....the room is spinning....wait, maybe intoxicated. :)
      You deserved the front page with this one, Greg. And Meera, that text was genius.

    4. Zilal 83 months ago | reply

      I remember that shirt. And the duck. Never seen the leaves before in my life.

    5. meeralee 83 months ago | reply

      Oh dammit, it says "Text by Meera Sethi," doesn't it? Yeah, I wish. It's all Joyce, all the time. I'll add a note for the unsuspecting.

      I still love this.

    6. jody9 83 months ago | reply

      Meera, I meant the pointers in the text....but of course you had to use the Joyce. That's the only thing to put with that image!

    7. meeralee 83 months ago | reply

      I didn't at all mean to imply you were unsuspecting, it just made me go look at the post and realize I hadn't posted an attribution. :-) So thank you.

    8. pH [浪人] [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      i'm italian.
      i remember reading the end of joyce's ulisses in front of my schoolmates, years ago (never been much of a good student). it was an improvised examination by my loving teacher, who would not simply let me "pass", but wanted to tell me that yes, i could even read a woman's breath without knowing what i was reading, yes, i could simply do what ever i wanted in my life, yes, it was just there.
      yes. And i remember the exaltation that fluent prose gave me, young, male, eternal, stumbling upon endless meanings of unknown words in a language that i've loved since that moment, giving voice to an imaginary female, becoming, for those gorgeous twenty minutes, one with all mankind...yes, it might sound weird, but there is so much hope in those words of remembrance...

      thank you.

    9. Wayne. 83 months ago | reply

      Couldn't wait until the 16th, could ya?

    10. Mark ~ JerseyStyle Photography 83 months ago | reply

      Greg, I see this made Flickr's Interesting page. Congrats!

    11. Adam Graham 83 months ago | reply

      Very nice. This actually might make me pick up Ulysses sometime. I think that means you accomplished something.

      - seen on Utata front page

    12. getthebubbles 83 months ago | reply

      wonderful greg! congrats on the front page!

      i saw this image a couple of days ago (or was a week... i loose track) and its been bumping around in my head, resurfacing now and then. its really compelling, but I feel that I can't describe it in words as completely as james joyce or you do on a regular basis. but i like it.

    13. caryn74 83 months ago | reply

      nicely done, Greg ...

    14. its mike 83 months ago | reply

      wow, very nice.

    15. neonlike 83 months ago | reply

      swooning again, as I so often do with Greg's images.

    16. Intrudēr 81 months ago | reply


      -- (?)

    17. Kathleen_A 79 months ago | reply

      actually, if you titled it, "His heart was going like mad" it becomes a wonderful 6 word story.

    18. alight 77 months ago | reply

      yes yes ~ yes ** *

    19. AnjouWu [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Yes., and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

      Wonderful photograph!

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