kid with blue hair

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    So I had to be downtown yesterday, right? As long as I'm there, I figure I'll do my Thursday Walk a day early. So I see this vehicle entrance into a building and I'm totally smitten with the geometry of the shadows...but it doesn't really work as a photo. It needs a figure, is what I'm thinking.

    So I put on my HCB face and I wait for a person to walk by (hey, it worked for him with that puddle). For like ten minutes I'm waiting. Woman in a red dress, I shit you not, walks up the sidewalk...and here comes a FedEx truck. Ruins the shot. Another five or ten minutes, and here comes this kid. And he's got blue-tinted hair. He's no woman in a red dress, but he's pretty damned good and you take what you can get. What I get is this one shot, then a car drives into the frame. By the time the car's gone, the kid's in the shadow.

    Another five or ten minutes...nothing. Zip. Not a pedestrian to be found. So I give up. This is about half a heartbeat away from being a good shot. Some days are like that.

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    1. sonyacita 54 months ago | reply

      It's still a good shot. It's a better story but it's still a good shot. There's just enough light on the guy to make him mysterious-looking. What's your HCB face?

    2. Matt Redmond 54 months ago | reply

      such perfect shadows

    3. Maureen Bond 54 months ago | reply

      great storty here Greg, love the red dress and Fedex situation, I think we all have something like that to share, nice on here!

    4. Carlin Joe 54 months ago | reply

      I agree. Maybe it's a trade-off, the story for the shot. You know about cake and all that. But it is a fine shot.

    5. — kx [deleted] 54 months ago | reply

      « So I put on my HCB face »

      oh, how good would it be for it to be available at retail... I shall work on a face, perhaps Saul Leiter — come to think of it, this one is closer to his style. I suppose none of this goes towards getting a puddle-on-demand.

      Seen on a rss aggregator. (?)

    6. The 10 cent designer 54 months ago | reply

      call me next time, I'll walk into your shot :)

    7. Paul L Dineen 54 months ago | reply

      HCB = Henri Cartier-Bresson

      I like where the kid is. There's mystery in the darkness of the parking garage starting to envelop him.

    8. Seldon, 54 months ago | reply

      Isn't this one of the great beauties of photography though. It can transcend content, composition, technique and all the rest, and yet still place the viewer in the shoes of the photographer. It can convey emotion, or even the absence of emotion with so few clues.

      The fruitless waiting is palpable here and that moves it half a heartbeat closer...

    9. jody9 54 months ago | reply

      Loving that geometry. And the kid words too.

    10. mtnrockdhh 54 months ago | reply

      Doh! The red dress and the garage lights would have indeed made this a truly great image!

    11. queen of arts 53 months ago | reply

      It's a great shot!!!! A beautiful, lonely, minimalist Edward Hopper.

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