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Long Coins Necklace with Vintage Crystals

Beautiful long multistrand necklace made from four layers of vintage and newer brass finish chains, Goddess Quan Yin/Guanyin and cloud shaped oriental zodiac coin charms, vintage windowed crystals, faceted glass beads and very large carved stone beads. Necklace is made with antiqued brass finish findings and there is no clasp -- it is long enough to go straight over your head. It measures 75 cm/29.5 inches long.


Guanyin is the bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists, usually as a female. The name Guanyin is short for Guanshiyin which means "Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World". She is also sometimes referred to as Guanyin Pusa (simplified Chinese: 观音菩萨; traditional Chinese: 觀音菩薩; pinyin: Guānyīn Púsà; Wade–Giles: Kuan-yin Pu-sah; literally "Bodhisattva Guanyin").[1] Some Buddhists believe that when one of their adherents departs from this world, they are placed by Guanyin in the heart of a lotus then sent home to the western pure land of Sukhāvatī.[2]


It is generally accepted (in the Chinese community) that Guanyin originated as the Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara (अवलोकितेश्वर), which is her male form. Commonly known in English as the Mercy Goddess or Goddess of Mercy,[3] Guanyin is also revered by Chinese Taoists (sometimes called Daoists) as an Immortal. However, in Taoist mythology, Guanyin has other origination stories which are not directly related to Avalokiteśvara

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Taken on November 5, 2011