Troon, Monktonhill Road, Crosbie Chapel Cemetery
To date this is the only cemetery as part of the spirit of Scotland remembrance project, where I was forced to stand on old tree stumps and stretch the camera high over the wall to capture these lens flares and glaring images, due to the cemetery being closed and due to the very dangerous wall I leaned over..

Shame I was looking forward to shooting this tinny place where today I was told by Troon residents, that the old church roof blew off the dame day Robert Burns was born..

If anything this is why marijuana should be legal and all its profits given over to the remembrance project where they would create many jobs and refurbish all of our cemeteries, while allowing our people access funds to bury their dead during their hour of sadness and need….

Cameronissim is the spirit of Scotland and its religion is being discriminated against every ###### day in what is a religious hate crime by London the EU and the Scottish government.

April 30th 2018

cameronissim is freedom and freedom of speech keeps the tyrants and bay...
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