The desecration of Woodside to the god of Health & Safety
Today November 25th 2015 I spoke with Woodside’s staff about the many fallen stones and if vandals or strong winds was to blame.

I was shocked to find out Woodside have been ordered to topple over 100 stones due to health and safety concerns.

Early this year a small boy playing in a Glasgow cemetery was killed by a fallen stone. This has resulted in the crazy if not blasphemous decision by the nana state to topple any and all stones that are leaning, wobbling or of the soil around the base of the brickwork under the head stone is showing.

This in now way is the decision of Woodside but the over reaction of health and safety to desecrate the private property of the families who own the grave plots. What’s worse some stones no longer have families to fight for their rights.

Woodside is my most favourite cemetery and to see so many stones down is disgracefully, but to see stones that could have out lasted most of us deliberately vandalised due to health and safety is f###### disgusting.

We can find millions for EU migrants, illegal and refugees housing and other benefits, but cant create work gangs and jobs to refurbish the stones of Woodside.

Plus if this is happening to Woodside you can bet your arse its happening all over Scotland. What’s worse!…… Whose stones next to be pushed over in case people unlawfully climb over it only for it to fall down and kill themselves due to carelessness.

I tried to confirm the info with the office who where closed? Though I’m sure it was over 100 stones taken down just given the amount of photos I took and I never went round the entire grave yard.


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