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Beyond Glen Bridge

As you might be able to tell from the colour of the hoardings, the area beyond the bridge is being redeveloped by Tesco. Enthusiastically supported by politicians of many parties, the behemoth of a superstore (all three storeys of it: parking; groceries; 'extra') will apparently 'regenerate Dunfermline's town centre.' Because that's what Tesco do, obviously: selflessly regenerate the communities in which they build massive pummel-everyone-into-the-ground superstores. It's not about profit or market share, oh no.


Sadly, a nice little public park adjacent to the bridge has already been swept away, and the massive store will dwarf both the listed bridge and listed former fire station. It also involved the demolition of one of the few remaining 19th century mills - there had been a fire after the previous occupier had moved out. That's never happened before... But let's not forget - this is a 'good thing'. Need I mention that the 'architecture' of the proposed store is absolute drivel?

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Taken on June 18, 2012