Limacodid Slug Caterpillars (Cup Moths, Limacodidae)
Slug Caterpillars as photographed in China (Beijing and Yunnan).

You will notice I have given each individual a superhero-style name in the title of the image. This is for my own reference mainly because practically none of these caterpillars are identified (maybe even ever formally) and this will allow me to group the growing number of images I have into their like-kinds including the various instars I have captured. The names will be included as tags.

Cup Moth larvae are often highly ornamented and brightly colored. Two main types can be distinguished: larvae armed with rows of protuberances bearing stinging spines called nettle caterpillars, or non-spined forms where the surface of the larvae may by completely smooth, called gelatine caterpillars. The larvae of this family bear no prolegs on their abdominal segments. The larva attaches itself to the substrate by means of an adhesive ventral surface. The movement is like a slug hence their generic name.
A stinging slug caterpillar generally bears warning colouration and stinging hairs. These hairs can inject a venom from poison sacs carried at their base that are used as defensive weapons. Reactions can range from a mild itching to a very painful sting.
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These are the varieties that are currently in my photostream:
Dirty Mary (Darna sp.), Virgin Mary, Bloody Mary, Toothbrush, Hole-in-One, Green Devil (Setora sp.), Bullseye (Squamosa sp.), Carrot Top, Torpedo (Susica sp.), Red Devil (Setora sp.), Blue Streak (Susica sp.), Chameleon (Phlossa sp.), Yellow Devil (Setora sp.), Green Marauder, Almond-backed, Submarine (Scopelodes sp.), Sand and Sea (Parasa sp.), The Clown, The Ghost, Chequers, Triple Streak (Parasa sp.), Pin Cushion, Haemorrhoid, Bread Loaf, Jelly Bean (Chalcocelis and Belippa spp.), Tank (Prolimacodes, Demonarosa spp.), Ninja Turtle (Narosa sp.), Doormat (Thosea sp.), Snickers (Mahanta sp.), Blue Stripe (Parasa sp.), Blueback (Cnidocampa (Monema) sp.), Jagged Little Pill (Darna sp.), Pink Lady, The Jester, Stool (Spatulifimbria sp.), Yellow Caboose (Phlossa sp.), Zebra Crossing, Ox Tongue, Octopus, Outrigger, Inkblot, Blaze, Firecracker (Ceratonema sp.), Icicle (Miresa sp.), Optimus Prime, Claret, Cherry Ripple, Lavenderman (Parasa sp.), Cogwheel (Narosoideus sp.), Broken Heart, The Shield, Dumbbell (Monema sp.), Bindi, Prickly Pear, Stack Hat, Grenade (Olona sp.), Bolt (Parasa sp.), Belted Submarine, Snowflake (Phrixolepia sp.).
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