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Nowhereland - happiness and luck for everybody

Grain And Corn (happiness and luck) Ritual (On Black )


The myths of different indigenous groups concur that corn was originally hidden under a mountain or an enormous rock and only the ants could reach the grains to eat them. But after learning of the grain's existence from —depending on the version— foxes, rats, mountain cats, coyotes, crows, parrots, lice, magpies or other animals, man asked for the gods' help and, after various attempts, the gods were able to remove the precious food from under the ground and made it available to all mankind. In the Chilam Balam de Chumayel, a book of sacred stories, the author of this feat was Chaac, god of thunder and rain, and in all variations of the myth, the woodpecker appears to aide the gods, and ever since, the woodpecker's head has been red because of the wound he received from a fragment of rock. According to these legends, in the beginning, all corn was white, but a lightening bolt which one of the gods hurled upon the rock to break it burned, smoked or singed some of the grains. That is why there are now black, yellow and red varieties of the grain. In addition, the Popol Vuh tells us that from a mixture of white and yellow grains the current human race was formed.

The Maya considered corn a gift from the gods and cultivating it was a sacred duty. It was so highly esteemed that jade, the most sacred of stones, was used to symbolize it (its green color reminiscent of tender green corn). In fact, according to the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, humankind itself was made of corn —the gods had tried other materials and failed.


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Taken on January 26, 2015