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Front page of Africa Set Elephants on the move! Kilimanjaro in clouds The Blue Boy threatens lions with tripod! Bamburi Dawn Zebra, Kenya Fisherman's Dawn Giraffe, Kenya Kilimanjaro African-Sunset Aaaaargh! Kenya 1 Kenya 2 Kenya Bamburi Reef Bamburi Morning Kenya-The Nairobi to Mombasa Road World Water Day (A day late) Streetkids, Ferryfenni, Gambia Stones Circles, Wassu, Gambia Weaver bird

I've been to Africa three times in total and I just love the place. I really don't think photography can describe the place properly... you've got to go there my little digital friends.

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Missiz Beasley says:

Absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing. I want to go now and I thought I was done with travel. I may be visiting a friend in Uganda.... yeah, I know. Not the same really, but it's more of an oasis for chaos there and to help out for a bit.
These shots esp. elephants lumbering by; what an experience.
Posted 93 months ago. ( permalink )

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alixi chanèl. says: life will not be complete until i'm living by the banks of the zambezi. africa has a place in my heart, a gaping, massive oozing place, that only botswana can fill. these shots make me very, very happy.
Posted 89 months ago. ( permalink )

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