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tf1 62 | by isoner
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tf1 62

"Okay, Wreckers," Springer, the leader of the Wreckers said, "Looks like we cant hold this spaceport. Our orders now say to level it."


The Wreckers are the Autobot Special Forces team called upon to do the suicidal or the impossible when it has to be done, because they are the only team good enough to get it done.


Once on the battlefield, Roadbuster's natural charisma and skills come to the forefront and he unofficially assumes operational command. "Lets Wreck and Rule!!" Roadbuster shouts as he leads the team in a charge across the debris strewn tarmac. They are no longer focusing on defeating the Decepticons, but on causing as much property damage as they can... and the Wreckers have earned their name.


Topspin, Twintwist, Bulkhead, Broadside, Springer, Sandstorm, Whirl and Roadbuster will see to it that there will barely be anything left of the Spaceport by the time they are done.


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Uploaded on February 27, 2019