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tf1 59 | by isoner
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tf1 59

"This is Autotrooper 3 reporting in," the Autotrooper said over his communicator. The Autotroopers were artificially created transformers that developed their sparks by feeding off human hosts. Not every Trooper is proud of their origins. "Barricade, Streetwise and I have located the suspect Full Tilt. But something is wrong. The scene has been staged. The suspect and two others were already in stasis-lock, and there is evidence that some large machinery has been removed."


"Be sure to tell them that Leader-1 here has given us some very strange care instructions for our prisoner," Streetwise said.


"I was getting to that," the Autotrooper said.


"Just get one with it," Barricade barked. "We need to get these suspects transferred into the holding cells as soon as possible."

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Uploaded on February 24, 2019