Tweety ski bunny

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    1. isoglossia ages ago | reply

      "Ski bunny" is a figure of speech, meaning a female who is attractive and perhaps flirtatious on the slopes. To be described as such, one need not actually belong to the family Leporidae.

    2. erikrasmussen ages ago | reply

      To be described as such, one need not actually belong to the family Leporidae.

      Or be female, apparently. Tweety's a dude, dude.

    3. isoglossia ages ago | reply

      Show your work.

    4. erikrasmussen ages ago | reply

      Despite the widespread speculation that he was female, Tweety is and has always been a male character, something that he often has confirmed in The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries. -Wikipedia

    5. isoglossia ages ago | reply

      I'm still not buying it.

    6. erikrasmussen ages ago | reply

      I know this is shattering your entire world view, but have another page full of links:

    7. erikrasmussen ages ago | reply

      So as long as he's on the slopes looking to pick up little boy canaries, then he fits into your 'bunny' definition? Is that what you're saying?

    8. isoglossia ages ago | reply

      I accept your apology.

    9. erikrasmussen ages ago | reply

      And I yours....and I yours.

    10. jagosaurus ages ago | reply

      It pains me how much I like this picture when I consider how much I hate Tweety Bird.

      The comments, on the other hand, are pure joy.

    11. jagosaurus ages ago | reply

      This is still one of my favorite Flickr comment threads ever.

    12. isoglossia ages ago | reply

      What's not to like?

    13. isoglossia 111 months ago | reply

      With the perspective that 18 months can bring to bear, I find the debate over Tweety's sex and gender identification intriguingly in line with the Manichaean tension in evidence elsewhere in Tweety's psychological makeup.

    14. erikrasmussen 111 months ago | reply

      What jagosaurus said, four comments up.

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