Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point--5 minute exposure

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    Last night, I headed up to Glacier Point in Yosemite to shoot some night photos with the light of the 1st quarter moon. Unfortunately, it was mostly cloudy and I couldn't see any stars until much later. So, to pass the time, I took some long exposures of the valley floor, 3000ft below me. This is my favorite one because the clouds/fog in the northwest are lifting enough to let some twilight come through. This is a 5-minute exposure to show the movement of cars down in Yosemite Valley below.

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    1. Willie Huang Photo 35 months ago | reply

      I really like this shot....the lights in Yosemite Valley create a cityscape feel and those light streams are quite nice. On top of that you captured some beautiful fog and Yosemite Falls totally stands out!

    2. Ben Sheriff Photography 35 months ago | reply

      Wow, beautiful photo!

    3. ScottD75 35 months ago | reply

      Yes, this is an amazing photo!!! I still can't believe Glacier Point is open this early. I'm still kicking myself for not getting up there during my trip this month!! Once again, great job on this Kristal!!

    4. Aaron M Photo 35 months ago | reply

      This shot really benefits from being viewed LARGE. Small on flickr it's kinda like "oh, there's some neat lights, ok, whatever" but then you pop it into lightbox or bigger on your facebook page and it's just BLAM ... HOLY COW - LOOK AT ALL THAT! The fog is just damn spectacular, the falls are awesome, and the lights just sweet. You keep making me jealous Kristal!

    5.  V!ctor™ 35 months ago | reply

      lovely waterfall on background

    6. mcmillend 35 months ago | reply

      really cool shot, and I agree about the clouds in the distance being very cool adding to the other nice parts of the photo

    7. Jo 95338 [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

      Spectacular shot. Love all the detail - especially the Falls.

    8. danielpivnick 35 months ago | reply

      Great idea to do this long exposure above the valley. The lights down below create the feeling that one gets when flying over a city in an airplane. The waterfall is a bonus to this scene.

    9. Robin Black Photography 35 months ago | reply

      Brilliant shot, Kristal!

    10. b14ck4 35 months ago | reply

      Brilliant! I am also jealous Kristal... The cloud cover adds an ethereal quality to it, like those shots where half the lens is underwater, but you're dipping down from the heavens to see the valley floor like a greek goddess.

    11. jentwo 35 months ago | reply

      Oh my goodness! This is just stunning!

    12. Kristal Leonard 35 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate the comments and favs!! Just bought the 5 d Mark II and this is my first night image with it! Can't wait to do more!

    13. amalakar 35 months ago | reply

      The horizon looks dreamy.

    14. landESCAPEphotography | jeff lewis 35 months ago | reply

      Such a great, great result! I could stare at this one for a whiiiiiile. (I did stare at it for a while!) I actually first saw this one when one of my friends, who is also a Yosemite lover, emailed me a link a couple days ago and said it was amazing. I told them that they've got good taste. :) I'm headed up this weekend...perhaps we'll run into each other!

    15. Kristal Leonard 35 months ago | reply

      Definitely Jeff! I'm meeting Willie and Aaron on Saturday so wil probably see you also. :)

    16. pDOTeter 35 months ago | reply

      Wonderful idea, maybe a little bit too dark but that's nitpicking

    17. landESCAPEphotography | jeff lewis 35 months ago | reply

      Ahhhhh, just saw that comment now... next time!!

    18. andrys1 34 months ago | reply

      I sent the link to this shot to many friends, and they all found it a stunning image. You keep finding new ways to see Yosemite :-)

    19. Enlightened Fellow 17 months ago | reply

      Coming back to reexamine this shot after first seeing it a while ago, it's probably one of my favorite images of the valley out there.

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