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Fabric of Life II | by IshtiaQ Ahmed revival to Photography
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Fabric of Life II

Life is always inspiring, the scenery around us, the situations we find ourselves in and the people we meet can all contribute to some great moments of inspiration.


Our entire environment is interconnected with its life forms, which are interconnected and inter-reliant on each other. The complexity is enormous, perhaps beyond the scope of the limited human intellect. Within this fabric of life there is a perfect consistency and response to influences, until man steps in and begins breaking apart the individual elements thread by thread without understanding the fabric which is the whole.


If you look at a piece of fabric or knitting, there is always one side that looks beautiful. Then, when you turn it over, there is the messy side. The side that contains all of the loose yarns and threads. You can't have one side without the other. Both are necessary for creating the finished piece. And, the same can be said about life. It's not about perfection but opening to the life that you are living and working with what life presents you.


Problems are the texture in the fabric of life, nothing more. Without them, our lives would be flat, lacking excitement and fulfillment.


Our basic emotions like Joy, Acceptance, Fear, Surprise, Sadness, Disgust, Anger & Anticiaption forms a base of the fabric with the interwoven complex emotions like Love, Disappointment, Contempt, Aggressiveness, Optimism and Submission creating the design pattern of life.


So at the end it again boils down to the singular most important thing, Our Attitude is creating the fabric of our life... We are all provided with the same base of fibers, what fabric we create is always different.


Have a nice Fabric...


Taken: Tana Bana (Weaving) Festival at Lok Virsa Museum, Islamabad, Pakistan


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Taken on February 15, 2009