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Sunrise up the Betty (June)


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.. a good thing that after a night of thunder and lightning, it didn't rain. The sunrise wasn't that spectacular, but i'm grateful that i (haha) 'survived' that night.


Saw a couple of UFOs, the SCARY kind ... not once, but twice! The crying/screaming noises and the sound of dogs howling didnt help at all. My heart really skipped a beat when 'it' was flying below me as I was taking a piss (kecut teloq sial!) ... and the other, hovering above when i I looked up at the sky/stars. Had to made myself small enough to hide under the rocks!


I'm later told that those things were black magic thingies aka tuju-tuju aka santau originating from the orang asli village nearby. blardihell ... i lost count to how many times i've been to Bukit Tabur, it's safe provided we take the necessary precautions, but this is just the dog's bollocks dude!


Santau secara umumnya digunakan bagi meracun dan membunuh atau melumpuhkan musuh

translation: Santau is generally used to poison, kill or disable enemies



Digressing, the dawns/mornings in June have not been that good/cooperative; but the sunsets ... wow, colourful and gorgeous .....


Heh, too bad i'm a sunrise person. I'm not giving up on Betty ... see you in July beautiful. I'll make an attempt to go with some company next time around. my balls have limits and cant take another fright :)


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Taken on June 25, 2011