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The Road Through Hell | by isfullofcrap
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The Road Through Hell

Last year, I was 255 pounds.

I started a diet and walked every day.

I got to 198 in October.

I screwed around a bit, went up and went down.

My low was 196 in January

And then I blew it.

All sorts of shit hit the fan, over and over.

When I hit 210 on March 10th, I got pissed off and yelled ENOUGH!

No more 255.

No more "Well, you got this far, so..."

This is a fight to lose 30 pounds.

The diet resumed.

The daily walking intensified.

I'm a little over 196 again, and I'm almost halfway to my goal of 180.

If I hadn't have fucked around, I'd have gotten there by now

I'd have worked out a maintenance routine.

Instead, it's getting hotter out.

I'm going to be sweating my ass off in the blazing sun AGAIN.


Tonight, I'm having dinner with a good friend.

And tomorrow, I'm back on the road through Hell.


Maybe your starting number has a 3 in front of it. Or a 4. Or higher.

Doesn't matter.

Talk to your doctor.

Talk to a nutritionist.

Talk to a fucking PRIEST if you have to.

But admit you want to change, you need help doing it, make plans, stick to them, and be honest with yourself about them.


This chart is the result of a Google spreadsheet I keep all my morning weighings in. It also tracks my meals, my walks, my situps, and how I feel each day.


I do not lie to the chart. I tell it like it is.

And it tells me how far I've come, what I've done to get there, and how far I still have to go.

No crazy pills or chemicals or wacky fads allowed.

Portions, exercise, and cut out as much crap as possible.


I'll see you on the other side of Hell.

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Uploaded on April 29, 2011