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Boxtinny | by isfullofcrap
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Tinny loves her boxes.


Sunday morning, I was looking around for the cats, but only saw Myst.

I shook a bag of treats, and Tinny's head popped out of the box.

Oh. There's a Tinny.

And I gave them treats.


At some point, she'll get tired of the box, and she'll sleep on my shoulder again.


If she gets to be too much of a drooly pest, I'll put her on the back of the sofa, and she'll circle back and try to get on me again.

If I rebuff her too many times, she'll get annoyed and run the circuit around the sofa back, through the bookshelves, along the bar, down to the floor, and back again.

Oh, and a whine or a squeak to let me know she's mad at me for not letting her hug and sleep and drool on me.


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I posted the Dance Police post, making sure to draft it a few hours early so I didn't feel rushed.

Then I slipped in the Winds of the Sahara and the DanceX photos that fit the mood.

Sure, I missed one or two opportunities, but in the end, I think it came out okay.

No hard punches, only a few tickles and raised eyebrows.

Which is what I want it to be. No biting satire or Don Rickles style Mr. Warmth attacks.


I think I'm going to set aside the column/questions for a while. They don't seem to be sparking much positive feedback or discussion.

Someone else can lead that stuff if they want it so badly.


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How many performances was that?


Art Factory

Oasis with Debauche


Making Strides



Club Image


Royal Theater




I think the ones I missed were repeats.

Well, except for Mynx, Moulin Rouge, and Kiki.

But you've got to make choices.

Others went to their shows, right? They got photos?


Maybe I'll do a blog post on who else is shooting photos and video of dance performances.

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Taken on October 16, 2017