The Americas - Making Cities Resilient / Desarrollando Ciudades Resilientes en Las Américas
Urban risk reduction provides opportunities for capital investments through infrastructure upgrades and improvements, building retrofits for energy efficiency and safety, urban renovation and renewal, cleaner energies, and slum upgrading.

Local governments are the institutional level closest to the citizens and to their communities. They play the first role in responding to crises and emergencies and in attending to the needs of their constituencies. They deliver essential services to their citizens (health, education, transport, water, etc.), which need to be made resilient to disasters.

Mayors and their local governments are both the key targets and drivers of the campaign.

People in unsafe schools, hospitals and health facilities are at the greatest risk of losing their lives when a disaster strikes. We can improve the safety of schools, hospitals and health facilities to address the increasing risk due to climate change and other disasters - natural and man-made.

The One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Campaign is a global advocacy initiative to make schools and hospitals safer from disasters. This initiative is part of the Making Cities Resilient - My city is getting ready! campaign. You can help make schools and hospitals safer through a simple click.
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