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‘One-off’ events, more often.

Climate change

is expected to magnify regional differences in

Europe’s natural resources and assets. Negative

impacts will include increased risk of inland flash

floods and more frequent coastal flooding and

increased erosion due to storminess and sea level

rise. Mountainous areas will face glacier retreat,

reduced snow cover and winter tourism, and

extensive species losses – in some areas up to 60

percent under high emissions scenarios by 2080.

Climate change is also projected to increase the

health risks due to heat waves and the frequency of

wildfires. The opposite extreme, record-breaking

cold weather, is also predicted to become more

common. People were immobilized when roads and

walkways became covered in ice on the shores of

Lake Leman in Switzerland, near Geneva.


Photo by David Singh / UNISDR

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Taken on February 4, 2012